Congress Overturns Internet Privacy Regulation
The U.S. House of Representatives voted on Tuesday, in a 215-205 decision, to roll back the yet-to-take effect regulation initiated by the Obama administration that would have mandated internet service providers–such as Comcast and Time Warner–would need to get your approval to sell your personal data to marketers and other such data-buyers. NPR reports. READ MORE
Politics and Technology | Apple CEO Tim Cook: Backdoor To iPhones Would Be Software Equivalent Of Cancer
In an interview, Cook reiterated the company's position that Apple will not create iPhone-cracking software for the FBI, as the government has ordered. The full NPR report is below and also here. READ MORE
Google Rolls Out Publisher Center to Improve News Discovery
"If you are a news publisher, your website has probably evolved and changed over time," writes software engineer Eric Weigle in a blog post. "Until now, when you made changes to the structure of your site, we might not have discovered them unless you told us. And that meant they might not have shown up in Google News, which in turn could have resulted in readers not seeing your great content." Lisa Lacy of ClickZ in her READ MORE
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