Trump’s Suggested Import Tax Would Mean Americans Pay For That Wall
President Trump's push for a wall on the border has opened a diplomatic rift with Mexico. After Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto announced he was canceling a visit to Washington, Mr. Trump gave no ground at a GOP retreat in Philadelphia. Congressional leaders said Congress would be willing to foot the bill for a wall for now. Show your support for Christian Missionaries - Make A Donation READ MORE
Trump offers scattershot response to global Women’s March
Donald Trump's first day in office has been marked by much of the same discord that characterized his campaign. PBS reports. Support Victims of Rape and Persecution WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump on Sunday offered a scattershot response to the sweeping post-inauguration pr READ MORE
GOP’s Go-Slow ‘Rescue Mission’ Plan To Replace Obamacare
The Affordable Care Act has brought insurance coverage to millions of low-income Americans. But with President-elect Donald Trump and Republicans in Congress vowing to repeal the law, its future is uncertain. NPR report. READ MORE
If Republicans Repeal Health Law, Paying For A Replacement Could Be Tough
Leading Republicans in Congress have vowed that even if they repeal most of the Affordable Care Act early in 2017, a replacement won't hurt those now receiving benefits. Republicans will seek to ensure that "no one is w READ MORE
Trump dropping ‘drain the swamp’ rally cry, Newt Gingrich says
WASHINGTON | PBS — One of Donald Trump’s advisers says the president-elect is no longer interested in his rallying cry “drain the swamp.” “I’m told he now just disclaims that. He now says it was cute, READ MORE
Here’s what’s happening with recount efforts in four states
Five states are now contending with requests for recounts of ballots cast in the Nov. 8 presidential election. PBS Reports. Here’s what’s happening with recount efforts in four states READ MORE
Trump claims ‘millions’ voted illegally, without evidence
The latest totals show Hillary Clinton leading Trump in the popular vote by more than 2 million. Trump tweeted on Sunday afternoon, "I won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally." He did not provide evidence to back up that claim and Trump's representatives did not immediately respond to a request for more information. PBS Reports. READ MORE
Election night in 140 characters – CNN/NPR
[iframe src="" width="100%" height="500"] READ MORE
Live Coverage: Election Night 2016
[iframe src="" width="100%" height="500"] READ MORE
3 states say they denied Russia request to monitor election
3 states say they denied Russia request to monitor election In an apparent move to embarrass the United States over Donald Trump's claims of a "rigged" presidential election, Russia sought to send monitors to U.S. pol READ MORE
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