Empire star thanks UK fans for illegally streaming show – newsbeat
  • Empire star Taraji P Henson has told Newsbeat she wants to thank UK fans who illegally streamed the hit show.

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    Empire star thanks UK fans for illegally streaming show

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    The actor said: “The only way that it [Empire] got over to the UK is because people were streaming it.
    “They [UK television companies] wouldn’t have known the show was that important, or that people wanted to see it, if they weren’t streaming it.”
    Empire has been a massive ratings hit for the Fox channel in America and will be shown on E4 in the UK.
    “You guys were streaming, and I know it’s a bad thing, but when the material is good people will find it,” Taraji added.
    “Thank you. Thank you everybody. People didn’t think it would do well over here.
    “So [people said] get it over here and that’s what they got.”


    Empire centres around the Lyon family. Luscious, played by Terrence Howard, is the father who discovers he has a terminal illness.
    Although he plans to keep the condition a secret, Luscious tells his three sons he’s looking for a successor to run the family business, Empire Records.
    As the siblings plot against each other to gain control, things are made more complicated by the return of Luscious’s ex-wife, Cookie, played by Taraji P Henson.
    “Cookie is bolder than I am. I don’t like confrontation. She is a beast. She holds nothing back. I think before I speak,” said Taraji.


    Taraji has been praised for her portrayal of a woman who’s out to “get what’s rightfully mine”.
    It’s a role she almost didn’t take.
    “I was scared. I was very afraid of the subject matters we deal with. And I was afraid of what people would make of Cookie because she’s such a stereotype,” she said.
    “But whenever I am scared to do something that’s what makes me do it.”

    When Empire premiered on Fox in January, an estimated 13m viewers tuned in. That number rose to 14m for the second episode.
    Empire is the first TV show in almost 30 years to see a rise in viewers after each of its first five episodes – and more than 23m watched the series finale.
    Nick Lee, who buys international shows for E4, says getting Empire was a priority.
    “We just think it fits so well on the channel,” he said.
    “There was huge competition. I think most channels in the UK wanted it.
    “This show put on 82% of audience between episode one and the series finale.”

    It’s rare for an artist or actor to thank people for pirating their material.
    As Empire still hasn’t been distributed worldwide, plenty of people have had time to stream it illegally since the first series ended in the US in January.
    Taraji may not have a problem with it, but Nick has a different view.
    “I don’t want thank them, no. Some people might want to do that,” he said
    “It’s fresh and you need to see it on a big screen live.”
    The latest figures from the TV watchdog Ofcom showed that 85% of people who’d streamed a film or show online did it illegally.
    Broadcasters, discounting the BBC, rely on advertisers to make money – the more people watching, the bigger fee they can charge for an advertising slot.
    The gamble now for UK TV bosses is whether to pick up a show early or risk waiting too long and seeing the interest – and therefore the price – going up.

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